Welcome to the 12 new Luksic Scholars who will soon begin their Master’s programs abroad!

The new generation of Luksic Scholars will be studying their Master’s programs at London School of Economics (LSE), Oxford University, Sciences Po and Schwarzman Scholars during the 2023/24 academic year. During a welcome breakfast, organized by the Luksic Scholars Foundation, the participants were able to hear testimonials from Scholars who have already lived these experiences.

The Foundation organized a morning for the recipients of scholarship programs offered in partnership with different universities around the world to get to know each other, meet former Luksic Scholars and be officially welcomed into the Luksic Scholars Community. In total, 12 Scholars will travel to China, France and the United Kingdom over the next few months to begin their Master’s degrees, expand their knowledge, and take part in an international academic experience.

These Chilean students will study Master’s degree programs at LSE, Sciences Po, Schwarzman Scholars, and the Blavatnik School of Government at University of Oxford in the fields of Public Administration; Public Policy; International Energy; and International Governance and Diplomacy.

“At the Luksic Scholars Foundation we aim to provide opportunities that connect Chile with the world. That’s why we have developed several scholarship programs in collaboration with universities that seek to form leaders and change agents in their respective fields. We are pleased to welcome a new generation of Luksic Scholars and we hope that the academic experience they will soon start will contribute to their professional and personal careers”, said Isabella Luksic, Executive Director of the Luksic Scholars Foundation. 

Andreas Guillén, from the Maule Region in Chile, is one of the Scholars who will begin studying a Master in International Governance and Diplomacy at Sciences Po in September. Andreas arrived in France in September 2020, after being awarded the Sciences Po Quiñenco Scholarship for Chile. As part of the program, he first pursued his Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and will now complete a postgraduate degree. 

“The experience has been excellent and has allowed me to grow as a person,” Andreas emphasized. “This program has given me a global outlook, with Latin American, African, European, Asian, and Arabic points of view and I have been able to gain a lot of cultural richness. I think the Master’s program will allow me to deepen my knowledge in political analysis and public policy formulation. It will be interesting to connect what I have already learned in the Bachelor’s program regarding Latin America with the experience of the Middle East, which is what I will concentrate on now,” he added. 

During the event, three Luksic Scholars who are either currently studying or have finalized their  Master’s programs shared their stories. The new Luksic Scholars were able to hear from Ricardo Batarce, who completed the Master in Public Policy at the University of Oxford in 2017; Josefina Hübner, who completed the Master in Public Policy at LSE in 2020, and Santiago Mendía, who joined the Master in Public Policy at Sciences Po in 2022 and is projected to finalize his studies in 2024. 

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