Luksic Scholarship at LSE — Master of Public Policy (MPP)

Full scholarship opportunity for Chilean students admitted to the MPP program at LSE

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Chilean students admitted to the MPP program at LSE

About the Program

APPLY HERE. Applications to the MPP program and Luksic Scholarship opened on October 14, 2023. Candidates must apply to the program by January 12, 2024, and then complete the LSE Graduate Financial Support online application to be considered for the Luksic Scholarship by February 19, 2024. Please visit LSE’s Financial Aid page for more details.

Access the 2023 information session via YouTube.

The Luksic Scholarship for Public Service at the London School of Economics for a Master’s of Public Policy (MPP) has been established to support the creation of trained leaders and experts with a public vocation, based on specific competencies and experiences that allow individuals to generate change in their professional environment.

The School of Public Policy’s mission acknowledges the history of public policy and public service that has been at the heart of LSE since its inception, which was in the year 1895.

A total of 2 Scholarships are available for Chilean candidates who are accepted onto the MPP program at LSE. This degree enables students to take a short career break to join an experienced global cohort, gain new perspectives and develop an understanding of the “craft of government”. This integrates theory and analysis, politics, and implementation of policy.

Program Duration: 9 months.

Program Location: London, United Kingdom.

Applicant Characteristics and Eligibility: Upper second-class honors (2:1) degree or equivalent in any discipline. In addition, applicants must have at least five years of policy-relevant experience, though exceptions may be granted for outstanding candidates with slightly less experience. For eligibility requirements, please refer to LSE’s MPP program page.

Application Dates for the MPP Program & the Luksic Scholarship (via LSE):

  • PROGRAM – Applications for the program open on October 14, 2023. Applicants must submit a complete program application by January 12, 2024.
  • FINANCIAL AID – Once you submit a complete program application, you must complete the LSE Graduate Financial Support online application to be considered for the Luksic Scholarship by February 19, 2024.

Applications for this program are considered on a rolling basis, meaning the program will close once it becomes full.

LSE exclusively manages the application, selection, and allocation of funding processes without any input or participation from the Luksic Scholars Foundation.

Scholarship Coverage: The Luksic Scholarship is a comprehensive funding package for Chilean candidates that provides full tuition coverage and a monthly stipend, based on a cost of living analysis, to cover living expenses for the entire program duration (9 months). It also includes a one-off payment once Scholars register for their classes at LSE to retroactively cover the costs involved in arriving and installing themselves in London (i.e. flight costs, accommodation deposits, NHS surcharge etc.).

Scholarship Eligibility: The Luksic Scholarship is available for Chilean applicants who demonstrate:

  • a commitment to public service in the applicant’s future career with a compelling rationale for choosing this vocation; and
  • their potential to become a future expert and leader in their field, and thereby to generate positive change for Chile; and
  • previous academic excellence, evidenced by grades from previous university study and supported by references from previous professors

Preference may be given to those applicants who can demonstrate a professional background, or other experiences, that strongly suggest potential for innovation and original thinking coupled with demonstrated success. Preference will be given to those applicants who, without a Luksic Scholarship would otherwise lack the financial means to study at the LSE School of Public Policy. The awarding process will seek to balance applicants from different regional areas of Chile.

For admission queries please refer to LSE Graduate Admissions Knowledge Base. If you cannot find the answer to your query on the GAO knowledge base, please contact and state your LSE ID number (if you have one) in the message title.

>> Information session: An information session was organized between the Luksic Scholars Foundation and LSE that took place on November 22nd, 2022. It included a presentation from the School of Public Policy, as well as a conversation with two Luksic Scholars regarding the application process and their program experience. You can find the event recording here.

LSE - The Luksic Scholarship

Candidates will be awarded scholarships and/or funding directly from the university to which they apply. The university is exclusively responsible for selection and admissions decisions, and does so at its complete discretion and, subject only to the eligibility conditions established by the respective program. The Luksic Scholars Foundation has no participation or influence in the application processes, admissions decisions, or awarding of scholarships.


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