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Two-day workshop on Croatia's entry into the Eurozone.

Applications: Closed


Applications: Closed


Zagreb, Croatia


Croatians in the public sector

About the Program

Croatia has begun to develop a strategy for joining the Eurozone within a timeframe of five to seven years.  Entry into the Eurozone poses considerable economic, logistical and political challenges and has resulted in positive economic performance in some countries (e.g., Slovakia) whereas others have experienced prolonged economic woes (e.g., Greece).  Why is that the case? What are the reasons behind their success or failure? Were there particular reforms implemented before the introduction of the Euro that had a decisive impact?

This two-day workshop is conducted by The Center on Global Economic Governance at the School of International Public Affairs (SIPA) at Columbia University, and organized by the Prime Minister’s Office, Luksic Scholars, and The Center on Global Economic Governance explores these questions in order to assist Croatia as it moves toward entry into the Eurozone.

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