“100 Women Leaders 2023”: three Luksic Scholars recognized for their talent and leadership

Luksic Scholars, Loreto Cox, Alejandra Loyola, and Susana Sierra were selected from more than 32,000 nominations received in the 22nd edition of this annual accolade. The initiative, organized by El Mercurio along with Mujeres Empresarias, seeks to recognize the work and trajectory of women who contribute to society from their various fields. 

The recent “100 Women Leaders 2023” awards, organized by El Mercurio and Mujeres Empresarias, celebrated the achievements of Luksic Scholars, Loreto Cox, Alejandra Loyola, and Susana Sierra. They were selected from over 32,000 nominations in the 22nd edition of the contest, which honors women contributing significantly to various societal sectors.

This annual accolade, that has now become a tradition, highlights the talent and leadership of Chilean women across multiple fields and rtoles, acknowledging their contributions to the nation’s social and economic progress.

The awards spanned five categories this year: Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs; Social Service; Executives; Public Service; Professionals, Academics, and Researchers. With over 32,000 nominations translating to 1,386 distinct applicants, a diverse jury of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and representatives from academia and various sectors selected the top 100, including three Luksic Scholars (people who have participated in an academic program supported by Luksic Scholars, an initiative promoted by the Luksic Foundation). 

Loreto Cox, a professor and researcher at the UC School of Government, was recognized in the “Professionals, Academics, and Researchers” category. Her research delves into political behavior, employing surveys and experiments. Cox, an economist and sociologist, pursued her Ph.D. in political science at MIT, supported by the Luksic Fellowship from 2014-2019.

In the “Businesswomen and Entrepreneurs” category, Alejandra Loyola and Susana Sierra were recognized. Alejandra Loyola is the founder of TheHouse Advisory, an organization dedicated to advising boards of directors and managers of local and international companies to increase their effectiveness and enhance their results strategically, providing more than just financial support. A commercial engineer from the Catholic University, Alejandra Loyola is also a member of the boards of Mapfre Seguros, Fundación Tacal and participates in the presidency of the board of directors of the Foundation of Graduates of the UC School of Economics and Administration. She participated in the 2013 Luksic Scholars Conducting Business in China (CMIX program), fostering business plan development between MBA students at Tsinghua University and the Catholic University of Chile.

Susana Sierra, CEO of BH Compliance is a company that guides organizations to protect themselves against business malpractice and helps them to act sustainably. Her extensive experience in transparency and organizational culture has earned her multiple accolades. Sierra participated in the 2007 Luksic Scholars-supported Babson Chilean Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators (SEE), a symposium for entrepreneurship educators in Chile. 

Congratulations to all the women who have been recognized this year!