The Luksic Scholars Foundation launches the second edition of The Luksic Scholars Fund for alumni community

After the success of The Luksic Scholars Fund 2021, the Luksic Scholars Foundation invites community members to once again apply for up to US $5,000 of financial support. Applications are now open and will close Friday, October 21st, 2022.

The Luksic Scholars Fund is an internal initiative of the Luksic Scholars Foundation to accompany and support the members of its Scholar Community after they have partaken in a program offered by the Foundation, in an effort to provide them with continued professional development opportunities. 

Following the successful edition of The Luksic Scholars Fund 2021, which granted US $46,000 to 13 Luksic Scholars, the Luksic Scholars Foundation invites Luksic Scholars to apply to the 2022 edition of the Fund (hereby referred to as “the Fund 2022”). 

Scholars may apply to receive up to US $5,000 in funding. The total allocation for The Fund 2022 is US $50,000.00-, therefore the Foundation expects to finance a minimum of ten initiatives.

In this version, the Fund will finance specific initiatives with measurable results and that respond to one of the following development points:

  • Leadership skills as an agent of change in their area; 
  • Specific competencies in key areas for their career or organization; and/or 
  • Knowledge and research that contributes to their field.

Applications will be open from 09:00 CLT on Monday, September 12th, 2022 until the deadline of Friday, 21st October 2022 at 23:59 CLT. 

If you are a Luksic Scholar (defined as participants of the academic programs supported, or coordinated, by the Luksic Scholars Foundation) and have already created an account within the Luksic Scholars Portal, please click here for more details. If you are a Luksic Scholar but have not created a Luksic Scholars Portal account yet, please contact Gabrielle Trasatti, Community Coordinator, at to receive the link enabling you to create your profile. 

The opinions and conclusions presented in the works carried out by the Scholars who receive or have received funding from the Luksic Scholars Foundation are the sole property and responsibility of those who have expressed them and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Foundation.

In establishing this Fund, the Foundation does not endorse or support these opinions or conclusions as it has only sought to motivate Scholars to carry out initiatives that allow for their professional development.