Luksic Family Fellowship at Harvard Business School

Financial aid for Chileans and Latin Americans at HBS

Applications: Closed


Applications: Closed


Cambridge, MA


Admitted students to Harvard Business School

About the Program

This Fellowship aims to support Chilean or other Latin Americans admitted in the 2-year residential MBA program at Harvard Business School (HBS).

Harvard Business School offers a two-year, full-time MBA program with a general management curriculum focused on real-world practice.

Becoming a student at HBS means joining a global community that propels lifelong learning and career support alongside peers, faculty, and staff who will both challenge you and cheer you on as you find and accelerate your path.

Lifelong impact: Through case method classes, FIELD projects, multimedia simulations, and more, students will exercise the leadership skills they will practice in business and beyond.

Students graduate from HBS not only with increased knowledge but more importantly, with grounding and practice in how to make difficult decisions and what it means to assume leadership in a global environment.

Students who have been admitted to Harvard Business School (HBS) are eligible for support from this Fellowship. Students do not apply for the Fellowship directly; the Fellowship is awarded as part of the overall HBS financial aid process. After completing the HBS financial aid application and it is determined that you will receive need-based fellowships as part of your financial aid package, you will automatically be considered for the Fellowship. For additional details on how financial need is determined and whether you may be eligible, please visit to the Harvard MBA website.

HBS website

Candidates will be awarded scholarships and/or funding directly from the university to which they apply. The university is exclusively responsible for selection and admissions decisions, and does so at its complete discretion and, subject only to the eligibility conditions established by the respective program. The Luksic Scholars Foundation has no participation or influence in the application processes, admissions decisions, or awarding of scholarships.


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