Luksic Scholars Foundation’s 2nd Anniversary: more than 20 years of connecting Chile with the world

In collaboration with 16 internationally-recognized universities, the Luksic Scholars Foundation offers a portfolio of more than 30 undergraduate and postgraduate programs through which more than 1,650 Chilean and foreign people have benefited; 65% of whom are Chilean seeking to improve their skillset and knowledge, as well as contribute to building a better society. 

These are the figures that summarize the 22-year history of Luksic Scholars, an initiative that was born in 2000 by the Luksic Family, and that was formally established as a foundation two years ago in order to continue promoting academic learning experiences that connect Chile with people and universities around the world.

Since its inception, Luksic Scholars has collaborated with academic institutions to implement programs in countries such as China, Croatia, the United States, France, the United Kingdom, and, of course, Chile. The Foundation’s work has provided access to programs such as a master’s degree in public policy, public administration, economics, business, global leadership, and law, in addition to symposiums on entrepreneurship, educational conferences, and research grants for a variety of fields. 

Currently, the work of Luksic Scholars is based on three main pillars: facilitating the access of Chilean talent to programs at international institutions via collaborative agreements; connecting those who have participated in these programs to a wider global network in order to provide them with more opportunities in their professional and academic careers, and; supporting the presence of Chile within international university offices. 

Looking toward the future, the Foundation plans to continue promoting education as a tool that creates collaborative networks in a globalized world, in which Chile has much to contribute to the exchange of knowledge.

The Luksic Scholars Foundation is part of the Fundación Luksic; the first and oldest of the Luksic family foundations that bring together and supports much of the family philanthropy.