Luksic Scholars creates 4 new scholarship funds at Stanford University

In March, Luksic Scholars, driven by the Luksic family, established four new scholarship funds at Stanford University that will allow mainly Chilean students and professionals to access financial aid in order to carry out their studies at this world-class educational institution.

This support is the first that Luksic Scholars has established on the west coast of the United States (specifically in the heart of Silicon Valley), and will be distributed to people with varying levels of experience, providing scholarships for undergraduates, postgraduates, and professionals and academics with Ph.Ds.

The first fund, Stanford International Undergraduate Luksic Family Scholarship, is intended for international undergraduate students who have been admitted to Stanford and are in need of financial support in order to complete their studies. This fund is available to students from any of Stanford’s schools and covers 65 major fields of study.

Another, the Stanford Graduate School of Business Luksic Fellowship, will award up to two scholarships per year to Chilean students admitted to the MBA, MsX, or Ph.D. programs held at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Following suit, another opportunity at Stanford is at the Stanford Law School (SLS) through the Luksic Family Stanford Law School Fund. In this case, Chilean students who have been admitted to the SLS are eligible for financial aid in order to obtain their degree in the selective Doctor of the Science of Law (JSD) program, designed for those interested in becoming academics and teachers of law and social sciences.

Finally, the Luksic Visiting Scholars & Fellows Program at Stanford Center for Latin American Studies represents an unparalleled opportunity for distinguished academics from Chile, of any discipline, to conduct their research during a full term at the Stanford, California campus; being able to access a wide range of expert professionals, libraries and other resources, through the institution’s Center for Latin American Studies.

Jeff Swiryn, Executive Director of Luksic Scholars, notes that “Stanford University will exclusively and independently determine the admission and financial aid decisions for these Luksic Scholarship programs.”