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12th edition of the CMIX China program

Within the framework of the agreement between Banco de Chile, Universidad Católica de Chile, and Tsinghua University, the twelfth version of the CMIX Conducting Business in China program has just concluded.

On this occasion, 17 MBA students and two professors from the UC along with two executives from Banco de Chile took part in a two-week study tour in China. The trip, which included academic, business, and cultural elements, began with classes taught at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, which is considered one of the best academic institutions in Asia.

Also, the students visited Schwarzman College – a new residential college in the same university, cradle of future global leaders – where the Chileans met with Latin American counterparts, and attended a conference by Richard Brodhead and Xue Lan, former President of Duke University and Dean of Schwarzman College, respectively.

As usual, the agenda also included high-level company and site visits in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen to the Banco de Chile Beijing office, Bank of China and Citi, Foxconn, Huawei, Tencent, BYD, and more.

Data Analytics Certificate Universidad de Chile & MIT Sloan School

El vertiginoso desarrollo de la tecnología en general, los avances de la inteligencia artificial y la creciente disponibilidad de datos de cualquier tipo ofrecen tremendas oportunidades para las empresas y organizaciones públicas, pero también retos para la formación de sus profesionales.

Encontrar sabiduría en los datos es fundamental, siendo el Data Analytics el enfoque perfecto que permite mezclar la estrategia de la organización y la ciencia de datos.

Consciente de este escenario, se juntaron el Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) de EE.UU. y la Universidad de Chile para ofrecer programas en Analytics del más alto nivel para formar profesionales de Chile y la región. A partir de mayo de 2019 se ofrecerá un programa denominado Data Analytics Certificate (Diploma en Data Analytics) impartido en Santiago por la Universidad de Chile con la participación de académicos del MIT, y dos semanas en Cambridge  EE.UU. por profesores del MIT Sloan School of  Management.

El certificado del MIT Sloan en Data Analytics, el primer programa que el MIT hace en conjunto con una Universidad Latinoamericana, tiene como objetivo preparar profesionales de alto nivel del sector privado y público para la toma de decisiones estratégicas basadas en datos (“data-driven decisión making”).

Para mayor información, pincha aquí. Asimismo, este es el link de registro al programa.

MIT Sloan and Universidad de Chile Unite to Offer Data Analytics Certificate

The rapid development of technology in general, the advances of artificial intelligence and the growing availability of data of any kind offer tremendous opportunities for companies and public organizations, but also challenges for the training of its professionals.

Finding wisdom in the data is essential, with data analytics becoming the perfect approach that allows combining organizational strategies with science of data.

In this context, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) joined forces with the Universidad de Chile to offer a new program in data analytics at the highest level to train professionals from Chile and the region.

As of May 2019, the Data Analytics Certificate (Diploma in Data Analytics) program will be taught in Santiago by the Universidad de Chile in conjunction with MIT professors, and will conclude with two weeks of courses in Cambridge, MA on campus at MIT Sloan.

The MIT Sloan-U de Chile joint certificate — the first program that MIT has offered with Latin American University — aims to prepare high-level professionals from the private and public sectors to make strategic decisions based on data (“data-driven decision making”).

For more information, click here, or apply here.

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