11 initiatives selected to receive support via The Luksic Scholars Fund 2022

This year, the Luksic Scholars Foundation relaunched The Luksic Scholars Fund, an opportunity that allows members of its network to be awarded up to $5,000.00 USD per project.

A total of 11 projects have been selected to receive support from The Luksic Scholars Fund 2022, an internal initiative created by the Luksic Scholars Foundation that seeks to continue providing professional development opportunities to the members of its community via this second edition. 

Those who applied to receive support were asked to demonstrate how their initiative would respond to one or more of the development points defined by the Fund: obtain leadership skills as agents of change in one’s area of expertise, acquire competencies in key areas for one’s careers, and/or develop knowledge and research that contribute to one’s professional field. 

The Scholars who have been granted financial support from the Fund reside in various regions throughout Chile, such as Antofagasta, Biobío, Maule, Metropolitana, Los Lagos y Los Ríos, and they have participated in programs supported by the Luksic Scholars Foundation which range from research fellowships, symposiums for teaching entrepreneurship, and pedagogical conferences to Master’s programs related to public service. 

The selected initiatives will receive up to $5,000.00 USD in funding for their development and range from education, entrepreneurship, science, public policy, and food and nutrition to research.

To learn more about the Fund’s initiatives for 2022, click here.

The opinions and conclusions presented in the works carried out by the Scholars who received funding from the Luksic Scholars Foundation are the sole property and responsibility of those who have expressed them and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Foundation.

In establishing this Fund, the Foundation does not endorse or support these opinions or conclusions as it has only sought to motivate Scholars to develop academic research or carry out professional initiatives that allow for their professional development.