International Symposium on Entrepreneurship Education returns with its latest version to train professors in the northern region of Chile

The symposium will be held in Antofagasta and will be taught by experts from Babson College in the United States. Academics representing various universities from Arica to La Serena will partake.

This year, Babson College, a leading university in teaching entrepreneurship worldwide, will carry out its fifth and final version of the esteemed “Symposium for Entrepreneurship Educators” in Antofagasta for professors located in the northern zone of Chile.

The program, organized by the University of Antofagasta (UA) through the Vice-Rectorate of Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies and its Office of Transfer and Licensing (OTL) in partnership with the Luksic Scholars Foundation, will take place from May 15th to 19th at the Hotel Terrado in Antofagasta.

The Vice-Rector for Research, Innovation and Postgraduate Studies at the University of Antofagasta, Dr. Rodrigo Iturriaga Agüera, says that this fifth and final version will mark a milestone for the university, as this experience has laid the foundations for creating new partnerships with institutions of higher education of international status in emerging areas of study such as innovation and entrepreneurship.

“We have partnered with Babson College and the Luksic Scholars Foundation through a high-level training program. This has allowed us, as a public and state university, to fulfill our mission of contributing with new knowledge and tools, as well as leaving an imprint in our community and, in this case, generating a positive impact on teachers from various educational institutions throughout the northern macrozone,” he comments.

The Executive Director of the Luksic Scholars Foundation, Isabella Luksic, stated that “in its four previous versions, the Babson SEE Antofagasta program has reached more than 180 academics, administrators, researchers, and teachers from the northern regions of Chile. In working with the University of Antofagasta, we have been able to bring the methodology of entrepreneurship education closer to the participants, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to face the local challenges of today.”


This fifth edition will focus on biotechnology and involve professors from various educational institutions spanning the Arica and Parinacota regions to Coquimbo. Participants will have a unique learning opportunity to foster a strong entrepreneurial mindset among their students, thereby transforming undergraduate and graduate education with an entrepreneurial approach.

The main objective of the program is to promote entrepreneurship and economic development in Chile, especially in the northern zone of the country through the innovative business education provided by Babson College.

Alejandra Portillo, Director of the UA’s Office of Transfer and Licensing, states that “we are very excited about this fifth edition, as the previous ones have been very successful and with a great turnout.”

“Our main objective has always been for professors to acquire new knowledge and perspectives on the topics addressed at the end of this seminar, and we have achieved this in all of the previous editions that have been carried out,” she added.


As in previous years, the classes will be taught by expert academics from Babson College in innovation and entrepreneurship: Andrew Corbett, President of the Entrepreneurship Division, and Matthew Allen, Associate Professor in the Academic Division of Entrepreneurship.

In addition, the experts will visit the UA’s R&D Centers, where the Directors of each unit will show and explain their lines of research, experience and scientific developments, and innovation projects developed and carried out.

Babson College is one of the most important entrepreneurship universities in the world, known for its innovative educational model aimed at promoting learning and innovation. They seek to develop a growing international network of educators specialized in innovative entrepreneurship and as such, have been carrying out this seminar in various countries around the world, such as Ireland, China, Russia, Scotland, Switzerland, Malaysia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Argentina.