Professionals from all over Chile are invited to enroll in MIT Professional Education’s  “Blended Program in Circular Economy: Transition to Future Sustainability for Chile” 

El curso híbrido, que comenzará el 9 de julio de 2024, es el resultado de una colaboración entre MIT Professional Education del Massachusetts Institute of Technology y la Fundación Luksic de Chile. En total hay 40 becas completas disponibles para profesionales interesados en conocer sobre las mejores prácticas sostenibles y oportunidades de innovación.

The hybrid program, to begin on July 9th, 2024,  is the result of a collaboration between MIT Professional Education of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Luksic Foundation of Chile. A total of 40 full scholarships are available for professionals interested in learning about best sustainable practices and innovation opportunities.  

The circular economy has become increasingly important worldwide as a key strategy to address the environmental and economic challenges of the 21st century, and Chile has not been oblivious to this trend. In recent years, various public and private efforts have positioned the country as a leader in sustainability efforts in the region, generating a growing labor market and a need for professionals with expertise in this area. 

The MIT Professional Education program is designed for professionals seeking to implement circular and sustainable economic models in their organizations, as well as for those who wish to update their knowledge and explore the latest trends in this field. The objective is to foster sustainable solutions in the economy, promoting lasting economic resilience and combating climate change. 

An international professional opportunity from Chile

“At MIT, our President has made Sustainability and fighting Climate Change the top research priority for the Institute, with the mission of working with others around the world to make significant advances in meeting this global challenge. Accordingly, we are very pleased to offer a professional education program on Circular Economy in Chile in collaboration with the Luksic Foundation”, said Bhaskar Pant, Executive Director, MIT Professional Education. 

The program will begin on July 9 and will be conducted in a hybrid (online + in-person) format. Participants will attend nine weeks of virtual classes through MIT Professional Education’s online learning platform, followed by two days of face-to-face sessions in Santiago, Chile. Professor Fernandez will apply the principles of circular economy to explore the Chilean context today and into the future. 

“The vibrant Chilean economy is characterized by a significant reliance on extraction and agricultural production, alongside manufacturing and energy resources. As an economic vanguard in Latin America, Chile holds the promise of extensive circular economies throughout diverse sectors leading to greater resilience and longstanding sustainability”, said Professor John E. Fernandez, director of MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative.

“This is a model that we promote at Fundación Luksic, seeking to bring international expertise to Chilean academics and professionals without the need to travel abroad. This allows us to reach larger cohorts of people, break down the language barrier, and achieve a broader representation of the local ecosystem,” said Isabella Luksic, CEO of the Luksic Foundation. 

For those admitted to the program, the Luksic Foundation will cover all course fees. For those participants admitted who reside outside the metropolitan region, the Foundation will facilitate air travel and accommodation for the two days of face-to-face sessions in Santiago. 

To apply, it is required for applicants to be Chilean or have permanent residence in Chile, and to have at least 5 years of verifiable work experience. It is not necessary to have previous experience in circular economy.   

Applications will be open until June 30, 2024, at 23:59 hrs CLT. Apply here