Chinese exchange students in Chile

During the first days of July, five undergraduate students from Fudan School of Management in Shanghai arrived to Chile thanks to an exchange program with the Facultad de Economía y Negocios of Universidad de Chile in the context of the Chilean Immersion Program for China, sponsored by the Luksic family.

The program, which lasts two weeks, allows students not only to take business and Spanish classes, but also to visit local companies and sites, promising a complete immersion experience in the Chilean culture.

We had tha chance to talk to these five Chinese students: Jiaming (Gavin) Wu, Zhouchen (Yolanda) Xu, Yi (Eve) Zhang, Yue (Ewan) Zhang, Yifan (Ivan) Zhang who told us their experiences.

Ewan describes his stay as follows: “I think everything here in Chile is quite amazing, the food, the landscapes and the people. The wine is wonderful and since there are a lot of exports to China, I hope to try it there. I want to know more about Chile, to travel. “

Ivan adds: “It was a long trip, but it’s worth it! The Facultad de Economía y Negocios is very good, the classes are interesting, especially Spanish, in addition to the other activities they organized. I have learned a lot. I think I’ll come to Chile for a second time, it’s a great country. “

Eve comments: “It’s a pleasure to come to this wonderful country, it’s far from my hometown, but really worth it. The faculty offers excellent Spanish classes. The professor who teaches business in Latin America is well known and has given us many insights into the economic landscape. I have loved visits to companies, especially the vineyard. I hope to be able to come back to Chile, maybe in a few more years. “

Yolanda says: “It’s my first time in Latin America and it’s a wonderful experience for me that has given me the opportunity to explore the world, to experience more possibilities about how it can be.”

Finally, Gavin adds regarding the experience itself: “I really feel it’s fantastic; In classes we have learned many things about Latin America, such as its history, economy and business. It’s a place in development with very interesting cities and with people from whom I have learned a lot. The truth is that coming to Chile has been very useful, despite the 30 hours of flight that took us to come here” (between laughs).