Schwarzman Scholars delegation visits Chilean universities and organizations

The group, consisting of the Director of Global Admissions, the Deputy Director of Advancement, and a Selection and Outreach Officer from Schwarzman, visited a number of universities including the University of Chile, Catholic University, Santiago University, and Adolfo Ibáñez University, as well as companies and other organizations, with the aim of promoting their Master in Global Affairs program.

A delegation from Schwarzman Scholars, a Master in Global Affairs program offered at Schwarzman College, a school specifically established for this degree at China’s Tsinghua University, visited Chile for a week, meeting different Chilean educational institutions, organizations, and companies. The group, consisting of Cordel Faulk, Director of Global Admissions, Julia Jorgenson, Deputy Director of Advancement, and Thomas Tomezsko, Selection and Outreach Officer from Schwarzman, traveled with the goal of meeting and connecting with Chilean students and professionals with leadership skills and a commitment to global development.

This one-year, fully funded master’s program is designed to build a global community of future leaders who will serve to deepen understanding between China and the rest of the world. The program ensures the next generation of leaders gains knowledge of the international landscape of the 21st century and understands the role that China plays in global trends.

During their stay, organized in partnership with East Consulting, the delegation visited headquarters and faculties of four Chilean universities. At the University of Chile, they met with leadership from the faculties of Government, Economics and Business, the Vice-Presidency of Development and Innovation, and the International Relations Directorate, to present them with details about the Master’s program so that they can create awareness about this unique academic opportunity among their students.

The same took place at the International Studies and Asian Studies centers, the Confucius Institute, and the Vice-Presidency for International Relations at the Pontifical Catholic University, the Santo Tomás University Confucius Institute, and the Advanced Studies Institute at the University of Santiago de Chile. At the Adolfo Ibáñez University, a meeting was held for students and alumni interested in the program.

Given the program’s age requirement of 28 years old, the visit also aimed to generate direct relationships between Schwarzman Scholars and prominent organizations and companies in Chile in order to identify prospective candidates among their most promising young talent. Among the organizations visited were banking entities, law firms with activity in China and Asia, and business associations such as the Society for Industrial Development (SOFOFA) and the Chilean Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism.

Julia Jorgenson from Schwarzman Scholars stated: “Our visit to Chile and the connections we made during our time there was invaluable. Hearing the unique and discerning perspectives of young Chileans, academics, experts, and leaders across industries in Chile was eye-opening and underscores the important economic and geopolitical role that the country plays, not only regionally, but globally. As China continues to expand and strengthen its relationships with nations across the world, Latin America and Chile, in particular, are at the forefront of this transformation. With Chile’s longstanding history of relations with China and the rapid development taking place in both countries, including the voices of young Chileans in the Schwarzman Scholars program is more important now than ever. It was encouraging and inspiring to see shared enthusiasm for the program among all of the individuals we engaged with over the past week.”

Applications for Schwarzman Scholars’ Master in Global Affairs program will be open from April 12 to September 19. The minimum requirements to apply are: 1) hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, in any subject, at the time of matriculation at Tsinghua University; 2) be proficient in English; and 3) be between the ages of 18 and 28 at the time of matriculation. The program is fully funded for admitted candidates; each Scholar receives a comprehensive scholarship including tuition and fees, room and board, in-country study tour, travel to and from Beijing, health insurance, and a stipend to support personal expenses. In 2018, the Luksic Scholars Foundation formed a partnership with the Schwarzman Scholars program. In recognition of this support, Schwarzman Scholars established a Luksic Fellowship designated for Scholars from Chile.